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Restaurant & Pastry

The dwelling has a wide and rich hall used as a restaurant.

Very cozy and in style, is decorated with columns and floors Genovese.
The view from this room is very quiet because all windows overlook the greenthe garden and creating a relaxing atmosphere.
This room welcomes guests each morning for breakfast with a rich and caredbuffet with sweet and savory food prepared by the chef
The garden, very nice and welcoming, is characterized by plants, some trees,and flowers of the Mediterranean flora; Some corners are furnished with tables and chairs for pleasantrelax in the beautiful days, in every season.


Available for banquets and events

On reservation, the beautiful and comfortable restaurant is available for banquets and events, and for the hotel guests​

High italian baking school - La Villa

At the Hotel delle Rose hosts the "High Italian Baking School - La Villa" .

The pastry chef, the owner, will introduce you through a pleasant path the Italian baking techniques,the various ways of assembling the exceptional raw materials. 

A sweet weekend

Friday Arrival day and dinner 
cooking class Saturday from 15.00 to 18.00 
dinner and overnight

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Hotel delle Rose - CITR: 010046-ALB-0011

Bagi Sas di Ciro Basile & C.

VAT 02388700995

Via Aurelia Levante 65, Rapallo (GE)

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