Enjoy Your Breakfast !

Dear Guests, in this period we thought that the best solution to offer you the breakfast service is to give you the Smart Breakfast in-room. A dedicated service to make you happy and safe more and more !

Dear Guests, once you selected the main dishes, which are indicated exclusively in our following pics, we kindly ask you to indicate, in the form at the end, following information : the Room Number, your Name, and your Choices and Quantities, according to your preferences. Thanks !

In addition to your selections the Smart Breakfast inludes always jams, hazelnut cream, honey, butter, biscuits, sugars, and water.

Hot Drinks for Breakfast

A wide choice among .....


  Long Espresso

  Espresso with Milk

  American Coffee 

 .... and also .....


 Hot Chocolate 

  Hot (or cold) Milk

  Tea Selection

Sweet and salad Breakfast

​​​​​​​Your breakfast will be served according to your selections. Thank you! In case you have indicated products not represented in the images of our website, they will not be served.

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